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The Hollywood Reporter Talks to Kevin Smith About ‘Tusk’

Produced By: Kevin Smith on How ‘Tusk’ Rebooted His Career, His Ideal Comic Book Movie The filmmaker shared stories of Johnny Depp and ‘the f—ing walrus movie’ on the second day of the PGA’s annual conference on the Paramount lot. In a spirited conversation with KPCC host John Horn (who remained silent for nearly the […]

Continue reading Exclusive: Poster for Before I Wake and have your exclusive first look at the new poster for director Mike Flanagan’s Before I Wake, opening in theaters on September 25. In this intense and heart pounding supernatural thriller, Jessie (Kate Bosworth) and Mark (Thomas Jane) decide to take in a sweet and loving 8-year-old boy, Cody. Unbeknownst to them, Cody […]

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San Francisco Examiner Reviews 5 to 7

‘5 to 7’ an affair to remember Victor Levin’s “5 to 7” is a writer’s movie. Its main focus is on the things people say to one another, especially people who are in love or hope to be in love. Levin, who was writer on TV’s “Mad Men” and the movie “Win a Date with […]

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The Dissolve Reviews 5 to 7

In Victor Levin’s appealing romance 5 To 7, Anton Yelchin plays Brian Bloom, a young fiction writer who’s determined to reach the literary mountaintop by climbing a pile of rejection letters. And the love story within the film is presented like his big break: Yelchin frames it with the Central Park cutesiness of When Harry […]

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Two Night Stand is One Delicious Movie

“LOOK, I’VE warned him. If he dies, I can’t take responsibility!” That was the beautiful “Black Swan” Oscar winner Natalie Portman, after hugging it out with fledgling director Max Nichols, at the party after the screening of his movie, “Two Night Stand.” Miss Portman had avoided kisses and embraces earlier in the evening: “Oh, I […]

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Investors Form Finance Banner Demarest Films

Lambert Media Group’s Michael Lambert and Sam Englebardt have partnered with investor William D. Johnson to form specialty film financing banner Demarest Films. Johnson is the son of Franklin Templeton Investments founder Charles B. Johnson. Demarest started film financing operations in November after making investments in an array of public and private media and technology […]

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