We bring great ideas to life. By combining the best in creativity and commerce, we provide creative people with the resources to nurture, produce and distribute their ideas in whatever form they may take.

Film Production

It’s not the size of the screen that matters, it’s the size of the idea. Whether released in theaters, on television, or online, from big budget films with a global reach to smaller independent films, our film business is virtually limitless. We strive for memorable and groundbreaking collaborations with directors whose well-defined point of view and passion for telling stories ignites our imaginations. We pride ourselves on our extensive production expertise, running production on nearly half of our films. We also make opportunistic and passive financial investments in several films each year.

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Television Production

We launched Demarest Television with only one goal: to make the highest quality and most entertaining content possible while creating a new model in scripted television. We fund development of elevated genre projects with universal appeal, pair the best talent in the business with production financing, and shepherd these creative endeavors through the distribution process. We are building a world-class slate of thought-provoking and commercial shows that will raise the bar on both content and business.

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Tech Investments

We’re focused, collaborative and involved. We partner with founders and entrepreneurs whose ideas are capable of significantly disrupting an existing business, or helping an existing business innovate against such disruption. We prioritize seed and early-stage investments in companies that operate at the intersection of media, entertainment and technology. And we continue to seek opportunities far into the future.


Who we are

William D. Johnson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jeanne MacLaine

Chief Business Officer